the window in my room…

the window in my room...

like a widow on her own
i stand at the window in my room
like the sun in the sky
i glare at the entire world
ignore me or turn against me as you scare
at the window in my room i shall stay not long
and you may think i am a fool
and you may say i ain’t that cool
but i see, i hear and feel it all
for behind the window glass in my room
i am like the priest behind the screen
a place all your secrets are shared with me
you can trust ill keep it to myself
for there is no one on the other side of this window in my room
but don’t misuse this trust for when i break through this window of silence
there will be nothing to hold me back
not even the wounded pieces that will live in me
for then and thereafter will be no window between me and the only hand that has always waved from across the street the hand of a lovely muddy beauty


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