Lonesome Addiction

Please do not keep me waiting you know my impatience

and that the sun rises on me only in the night

i just  keep wondering why

When you put your arms around me

i feel i am burning from inside and leaving no ashes on either sides

the touch of your chest hair on my breast

feels like my heart is being crushed into an endless spear

the sound of your whisper close to my ear

is like the beat of a tropical song that is playing in my feet

the touch of your hands feels like a wind that undresses me in a desert

and when i see you i get swept off my feet like it were by a tree

Now i guess i feel free, but that; because the gain is cashed for me

this love makes me blue like day skies

but your laughter breaks the ground of my dark night heart

but love me at least this one last time like i have said every other last time

before i am left to the misery of my lonesome addiction

then we shall say farewell to my celestial love and a life of crime

then this will be our own time


PS: i ran into the song and i thought it perfectly fits to my ‘small complaint’ up there 😀


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