when ‘what men love about women’ fails

when ever i go through beauty & fashion blogs and sites, i catch myself clicking where it states ”women’s blablabla ….. that men like” sadly or gladly for me, it is mostly white women’s blablaba. No reason to complain really! Its just that i feel guilty that women, ladies, girls….including me get manipulated into thinking that all they do and how they look is supposed to rotate about what men think of them. Now i am not talking emancipation here but rather self worth and self esteem. It is okay to once in a while get new ideas on how to please your man but, do not let your physical being rotate about his or not even his but other unknown guys proclamations. No matter how one looks there is always going to be some Adam that loves a woman even without makeup and any up-dos. And no matter how hard one tries, there is going to be some guy that just does not find you all that loveable just like ladies do not find just about every guy loveable. These attractions theories are all the effect of to me an unknown ‘passions balancing portion’ thanks to nature. Anyway the point is getting careful while rushing to click on posts that encourage deprivation of oneself esteem and desire to please others of the opposite or same sex for unsatisfiable pleasures.


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