confusion out of a beer glass


the taste of juice in a beer glass

like the feel of rain on a hot sunny day

dresses up my conscience for a sweet moment of pity

the dreadful sight through sunglasses on a dark night

like a wind that digs deep into the sea

confuses my peace as i stumble upon troublesome hearts

the taste of your bitter words a decade after

like a spear drawn out of my side a minute after

is a relieving reason for my unhappy self

i get the sweet out of the hard sugar cane

like a homeless man enjoys even the taste of  molded bread

i learned to love the harshest memory and live with my finest enemy

now all i have is a repetitive blah blah blah

of no sense making finger pointing and self condemnation

and this is how it is going to go on and on and on and on

and ……….until you are gone


I am not a classic writer,just writing as a starter for the fun of it and to discover 😀

I’d like to encourage every one to comment on, correct, criticize. I  will be glad when you share  my Poems and follow me on this highway to imagination on my blog 😉


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