Grew cold and threw gold


and all the other people

you broke there hearts

thinking it was no good

and now its all that gold

you look for beneath the ground

where you every now and then

get buried under burdened waves

full of ghosts of your past filth

in fives and fours your desires increase

but in this manner your own peace you dismiss

till there is nothing of you left

like that ugly sin every one wants to hide

and the great feel it once carried like spite

for every moment

you are one of the kind

just your name and thousand pains will be painted

just your face and all smiles will be fading

cause all these broken people

you can never mend them

not with your hands that framed them

and not with your words

that nailed them

not with that heart that hated them

you might say that sorry

you might mean that forgive me

but the thick bloody piles

of  your dirty files

no blind eye will over see

no deaf ear will overhear

just as mighty as they are

so are the lives that they tore

in the times that you were to high

on your seemingly immortal thoughts

that spat lies into your real fears

and now as you search rest

the hearts you once made a waste of

fade atlast

only to turn into that gold

you sought of in the empty soils

that now gather you

as you catch a far off glimpse of their light

their beauty and their worth

now even bigger than when you first saw them



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