with one line you froze this love

just when i was fond of love always being warmly wrapped

a cold sentence out of nowhere and somewhere ripped my pampered heart apart

the reasons of having stayed put, in a relationship i thought worth holding onto

were no where to be seen when you slid a bitter questioning statement across my naive mind

and now a dark curtain is drawn between us at a time i was glad to finally get to sleep in your arms

i neither want to hear from you nor speak to you now despite my need for an explanation

i hope you will be there to talk to when i am done being angry

only next time, be the loving, respectful friend i would love to have in you

maybe that way i will be able to reorganize the doubts you have planted in my lazy mind and throw out those i have earned myself.

once beaten twice shy they say, and twice beaten quite daft i’d say

so here i am, twice beaten and giving twice less love as before




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