As Christmas draws closer

my nose grows wider

for the scent of cinnamon cookies

and vanilla-orange tea replay all last memories


Even as Christmas carols sound stronger

my ears still do not get fonder

for these are the songs that remind my doubtful heart

that the jingle bell time is not a one-night stunt


When the Christmas lights start twinkling

my nights get brighter with reachable stars

and then I know the sky is just the ground

for all people to enjoy the giving and recieving


whether Christmas is a christian thing or not

I have lots of reasons to give it its own pot

Starting with my soul and Christ to my boss sponsoring my fun

No I wont fight about that, I have to join in festive joy


even when I am sad and lonely on Christmas

i have lots of gingerbread men to talk to

angles watching over from the pine tree top and else where

big socks that get filled real high or burned real fast

and there is still a reason to laugh after that but above all

there are real friends and family to fill the gap of thousand empty socks




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