identity pass


told we can all be great, and we should not hate

am i less human if i go the other way

knowing that i do not know about tomorrow

but history repeats itself

am i less human for dreading  a fail

between fears and tears

am i less human

am i less human

because i never was any ones muse

i pass

being one of them others according to your judgement

having this skin or that hair and being of such a back ground

am i an alien to your type

knowing less or more than you

speaking differently from you

does it make me a greenblood

loving things you hate or hating things you love

choosing a path other than your choiciest

do i alienate myself

am i less human

i pass

how often do you say you love me

when all you show is the love of control over me

how often do you say i am the best thing that you have

when all you see is the net worth you have of me

how more often do you want me to live your life

so you can show pleasure and pride in a borrowed lie

again i pass

with all enticements, or fear or aches that you set i’m not buying in

it will still alienate me from God’s beautfull Holiness

and im gladly the outsider to the rest of the world but not to my very own father in heaven

so still i pass

i am passing to God, a flight into the known unkown

dare you not hold me back from my only hope

even if i loose a feather or all wings

im into being made a new creature with or without wings i will fly

to where the only love that matters most is the love of the Alpha and Omega

and here i do not pass

this is my identity

and i will not pass it over