Invisible potter

mother’s cries could not save her from his mighty hand
as he broke her, his vessel to make it anew
the priest’s sacrifices appeased not the slightest;
the heavens burning her solid, time and time again, not a few
it had to be as it was, or it would not of his own craftsmanship be worthy

imprisoned, to understand freedom; sorrowed, to know joy
had she not sunk so low, never would she have looked so high
to where for hers, he let not shine so strong, his glory
it had to come as was, so gratitude be cultivated and pride buried

all that heard these cries, all that felt sorrow and all that found pleasure in her pangs;
he let gather for a witness
many not hiding spite toward him, many not sparing harsh judgement toward her
how she trusted the untouched and sought refuge of the invisible
but it had to be as it was, for he never touched to leave no mark

after only so long, the softest breath could be heard proceed a deeply rested soul
they, fond of the cries and the cracking of flesh and clay felt sick from the quiet
his hand lifted, they stumbled shaken,, it could not be her, she had ceased to be
the sight of her unrecognizable; new to the very core of being,
never had they seen an invisible hand create so uniquely, so brutally a masterpiece whispering of the most tender touches
it had to be done as it was, a testimony never to be forgotten, never to be altered


as a portion of the once hidden glory consumed her, his very own breath and touch, invisible yet so commanding
jealously protecting her and simultaneously setting her free and with his love overflowing in her; she arose
it had to be as it was and his mark had been set yet again for a foolish generation that took pride in its inheritance.

for the uprooting of unbelief, and shaking of understanding
proof that all honored, is to this invisible God, nothing but as rags
lives highly regarded; a grain of sand if he willed it so
A vessel he could break and make to the cold or to the hot;
to the earth or to the flesh; in a second or in years; in his wrath or in his joy
it had to pass as it had, with her as he chose

the cries now songs of joy, the tears not of sorrow
it is as he saw befitting, to do as he did so it could be as he wills not for His own but their own sake
and all but just a single facete of endlessness


Hearts and spades


these 3 things Anger, pride and foolishness are 3 bad eggs never to be laid in or hatched of one man;
they are too heavy a force from within for the thin human skin to control without determination and a persistent reminder from our closest fellows
for the blood of another or oneself will be counted on their hands; even unanticipated because of the wickedness that proceeds the mouth and hands after perceiving even trivial things as if they were of great magnitude
we are human, prone to pain because of our fragile egos and unprotected from going mad because unlike our hearts, the skull doesn’t expand in a matter of seconds or situations
but a well trained soul can indeed withhold itself from harming another.
Every one is or was once loved by some one; just because you can not love them does not mean they are of less worth. Respect, forgive, and let live: we all have to leave someday, why take it upon yourself to stop the life of another
live and let live
RIP all early and undeserved deaths


When life gives you lemons; act like a ninja

huuuu # big sigh,

it has almost been 2 years since I last thought out loud! Not literally but sure I could put it that way. The whole time I knew me to be feeding on healthy life and tasty love at the same time until I woke up in the ER with only memories as good as sugar-coated medicine that just got thrown up. Now that I am recovering, I realize I am as shy as some one 10 times bitten.

Love and life can be as bad as human traffickers who are almost losing it all when they set the blind eye on you!

It took me exactly  4 years and circa 11 Months of building and crushing a relationship to comprehend 1% of love and life, 40% of who I am and perhaps 10% of how the rest of the human race does function under uncertain circumstances.

I have been able to achieve in this span, goals I had half set (studying and having a profession, learn a language I really need hence German, get a driving permit even if I failed the first practical test and almost gave up, and really do it all on my own as much as I only could), goals I had fully set ( Find out more about me, live a life with goals, become more open with my family and friends, depress my introvert-self, live in a metropolitan City which I not yet are but might real soon since I work close to one and I a lot more tinny things I have already forgotten or forbid myself to mention)

I however have been able to fail in achieving some goals in ways that are either humanly explainable or only supernaturally assumable.

I will for example not have a baby before I turn 26 as I always hoped but okay i still have some time, sex after marriage!, whats love?, behaving like a female who adores Barbie, gaining some weight, finding some ‘real hobbies’ and out-door activities AND staying disciplined enough to stick to it without excuses, driving myself, learning how to tailor and regularly blogging( absolute fail here #palms on my face)

Though I do not want to go deeper into this to save  two faces, I sure can say I also failed in the first relationship I ever had even when it was my goal to keep it as my one and only. Did we not love each other enough, did we each compromise too many of our personal standards for the others sake or too little for our ego’s sake, did we become superficial, did we become greedy for personal needs, was I simply inexperienced, naive and too patient or was he wrongly experienced, held-back or perhaps not reprimanding of my wrong doings???? Did we do all the best we could and still failed or did we do our worst and failed anyhow? Did one of us get caught up in the others karma or was it me pushing the supernatural powers into a position of deciding it should be over before it gets worse than it already is?

Despite the fact that some people are disappointed; one thing I am sure about now is that I am happy and proud of the chance I have taken to do things differently and hopefully better next time even if I do not really understand how. If he is doing fine I do not know but I really hope he is because not only did I take some dear gifts but also an experience I will every once in a while look into for a lesson or a good story to laugh about with some one close to me or my experience.

The details are not of relevance to anybody else but me at the moment and yet most of every one has or is likely yet to have their share of bitter pills to take; some sugar-coated and some not. If you are able to throw them up and let go of the side effects, get precocious of prescriptions of unknown descent, and use the new knowledge to keep healthier; then maybe just maybe you will be able to live fulfilled depending on your own expectations.

In every well-functioning relationship are submission, interdependence and good communication a perfect basis but a fifth full of ego, independence and alone time are almost worth as much as the earlier lot for a perfect get along or go alone in most relationships, even for those who think they are better off being totally submissive and invisible.

yours newly MBA



do i have a choice but to love you

i did have a chance but did not leave you

driven by mighty hopes and merciless passions

i use my knees once again to beg myself to stay

and my conscience says to me you will be a better man

my thoughts lie to me every time i take their word

thinking i might have made no right choice

yet my heart reasons that love knows patience

if the world was patient with me i would not have grown this fast

but does it love me anyway?

because i had to walk past the waiting line of girls for the perfect man

i stumbled on the take and don’t return guy

that left me hanging after i paid bail

now i can not talk to mama coz she said

girl it is trash if it is a rush

how would it be if i listened

how will it be if i wait

I’ll stay as long as this love i feel can blackmail me

but not a minute longer if your promises are a passionate blackmail





Habe ich eine andere Wahl, als dich zu lieben

ich habe eine Chance gehabt, aber dich hab ich nicht verlassen

angetrieben von mächtigen Hoffnungen und gnadenlosen Leidenschaften

Ich benutze mein Knie wieder mir zu bitten, bei dir zu bleiben

und mein Unterbewusstsein sagt mir, du wirst ein besserer Mensch sein

meine Gedanken lügen mich an jedes Mal  wenn ich ihr Wort annehme

ich dachte, ich hatte keine richtige Wahl getroffen

doch mein Herz begründete, dass die liebe Geduld kennt

wenn die Welt nur Geduld mit mir hätte, wäre ich nicht so schnell gewachsen

aber  liebt mich diese überhaupt?

denn ich war vorbei gelaufen an der Warteschlange von Mädels für den perfekten Mann

i stolperte über den nimm- und gib-nicht  zurück Kerl

der ließ mich hängen, nachdem ich gegen Kaution bezahlt

nun kann ich Mama nicht ansprechen, sie sagte

Mädchen es ist nichts wert, wenn es übereilt  ist

wie wäre es, wenn ich hörte

wie wird es sein, wenn ich warten

Ich werde bleiben so lange diese Liebe mich erpressen kann

aber nicht eine Minute länger, falls deine Versprechen leidenschaftliche Erpressungen sind